Wood Shop Power Tools

Learn the basics of power tools in our woodshop. We will teach you how to keep your fingers while going over the basics of the table saw, circular saw, compound miter saw, band saw, sanders, router, jig saw and drill press.

Course Outline

  • clothing
  • protective gear
  • Introduction to saw blades
  • material inspection
  • kickback
  • securing the work piece
  • tour of drill press
  • hands-on drill press
  • tour of jig-saw / reciprocating saw
  • hands-on jig-saw / reciprocating saw
  • tour of mitre saw
  • hands-on mitre saw
  • tour planner / edger
  • hands-on planner / edger
  • final advice and discussion


We need at least 3 students to hold this class. 6 participants max.

This class will be held on the following dates:

  • Monday Sept 25th 7pm-10pm
  • Monday Oct 2nd 7pm-10pm
  • Monday Oct 9th  7pm-10pm


By the end of the class you should have familiarity with saw blade concepts, protective clothing, safe operating conditions and hands-on experience with a variety of power tools. You will be permitted to use any of the machines in the wood-working shop.


This class costs $50 for non-members and $30 for members.

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Shawn’s draft:

Learn to safely use the most common power tools. We will go over the basics, then use the table saw, circular saw, compound miter saw, band saw, jig saw, sanders, router and drill press.

By the end of the class you will know which saw to use when, how to select a blade, and change it.  You will have experienced cutting with each saw, sanding with each sander, and drilling and routing with the drill press and router.  You’ll know how to safely secure your work.


Please, no open-toed shoes or loose fitting clothing.  No experience necessary.  Class size is up to 5 people.  Classes may be cancelled if minimum enrollment is not met.  If this is the case, students will be notified 24 hours in advance and fees will be refunded.

Next classes:

  • Monday Sept 25th 7pm-9:30pm
  • Monday Oct 2nd 7pm-9:30pm
  • Monday Oct 9th  7pm-9:30pm

This class is open to all, but is a requirement for Associates and Core Members to be able to use the woodshop.


$35 for non-members

Free for Associates and Core Members.

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