What defines a “makerspace”? What defines a makerspace in Halifax?

“A space to let creative and curious people connect * A space to foster the sharing of ideas, skills, and equipment, and encourages collaboration * A space for people to work – especially for those (like me) who find working in their apartments impractical at best * A space that has no technical barrier of entry – We don’t want to give off a “you have to be THIS nerdy to come work/learn here” vibe * To be a space where different crafts can come together * To unite/fuse/extend traditional crafts with new technologies * To be genuinely collaborativeaffiliated with all learning communities –  universities and colleges, Discovery Centre, Volta, the Hub, Centre for Arts & Technology and Halihax  * To ensure we’re improving tech literacy for both kids and adults (measured by participation and outreach in the long-term) * To inspire more people to be creative with craft and technology * To create something awesome for Halifax which impacts beyond our physical space. (Culture shift) * No digital divide: craft-neutral spaceBe useful: rediscover traditional ways * Be current: embrace new technologies * Be inclusive: Involve elders, encourage youth * Be resourceful: discourage waste * An interdisciplinary space where people who are into different things can come together to share ideas and projects. I don’t see us collaborating on big projects together as much as I see everyone working on their own thing with other people helping them. I’d like to see people who like to sew come together with people who like to weld. I’d like to see something come out of that, like someone who is only interested in sewing, suddenly get turned onto welding and use that new knowledge to take their original skillset in a new direction.”