Celebrating Arduino Day in Halifax

Note: if you are able to participate, please add your details to our survey  http://survs.com/survey/tv8nlhbedu 


“an open-source, electronics prototyping platform”

(Basically a way of creating interactive objects and environments through code and electronics. A way of creating intelligence for the physical world  – think Internet of Things.)

…. is having a birthday. On the 29th March, the platform will be 10 years old (yay!) and we’d like to celebrate this in Halifax through a series of interactive events.

We’re proposing:

    • Three workshops, one beginner and two intermediate
    • The beginner workshop will be an introduction to Arduino using Sparkfun kits
    • The intermediate workshops will focus on robotics and wearables
    • Game design with MakeyMakey
    • Interactive art installation
    • Learn how to solder session
    • Social Show & Tell (have a drink, bite to eat and hear about local projects) – to be held at Volta Labs

Most of the events will run at the Institute of Applied Creativity (IAC) at NSCAD (next to Seaport Market), 1061 Marginal Rd.


For further information, please contact: