What is a Makerspace?”

Many of us don’t have multiple workshops populated with all kinds of tools. A Makerspace gives you that. Plus you get access to community of like-minded people that love to make stuff. Your project could be as simple as an LED name tag or as complex as a larger-than-life art installation. This is the place to learn how and get it done.

It’s kind of like a gym for your brain.

We are a member-driven non-profit society. We exist only through your support. There are no observers … everyone chips in. When the space needs new shelves or tables built, the members do it. Got an idea for a cool class to teach? Go ahead!

We’re located at 275 Rocky Lake Drive (Unit 19) in a warehouse unit. Just the right setting to make noise and a mess.

Our space has a dedicated woodworking shop with various saws, sanders, hand tools, routers and a CNC mill.  We have a couple “clean rooms” for electronics, teaching classes, sewing, programming, researching and art.  And we have a “smelly room” for our laser cutter, painting and 3D printer. Or just to hang out and talk with other Makers about “the next big thing!” and see what they’re working on.

“Cool! How do I get involved?”

“I have questions!”

Email us at info@halifaxmakerspace.org and we’ll get back to you asap.