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What will the space offer?

Part of the beauty of makerspaces is that they can change to accommodate their members’ needs.  We can’t say what the space will offer a year from when it reopens, or 5 years, but we can say that we will open with a minimum of:

  • 3D printer
  • Laser cutter
  • Soldering stations
  • Table saw
  • Wood lathe
  • Jointer
  • Wood Mortiser
  • Bandsaw
  • Drill press
  • Various power tools (sanders, router, jigsaw, circular saw, etc.)
  • Various hand tools
  • Work space and benches
  • A knowledgeable community of makers who love to make, and who love to see other people succeed at making

As a member, you’ll get a voice as to which tools we’ll buy or build, and how we’ll allocate our space to accommodate using them.  We’re not overly worried about tools.  We have had lots of offers (though, please keep offering if you have tools you’d like to see get more use!) of tools.

Each membership type has an initial signup fee equal to a month of dues. Regular dues payments won’t start until we sign a lease. Before the thermometer moves we need to receive that signup fee. Please fill out the form below and continue on to the payment page to submit your signup fee and any additional donations. All funds will be held until we have hit the goals and are ready to sign a lease. If we reach our next AGM in July 2017 and have not yet met our goals then all money will be refunded and we will decide on a different way forward for Halifax Makerspace.

Excited yet? Come help us meet our goals!

If you still have more questions feel free to email us at info@halifaxmakerspace.org or ask us in person by coming out to one our social nights. Check the calendar for details of upcoming social nights.