#FF0000 Raised $450 towards the $5,000 target.
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Halifax Makerspace is working towards finding a new home! Back at our Annual General Meeting we set some targets that we need to reach to get us into a space that suits our needs. The targets on this page will allow us to get into a space big enough and with the requirements we need to make the things we want. Big projects, small projects, messy projects, clean projects, projects you can finish in a night, projects that a team works on for over a year. Once these targets are hit we will be ready to sign a lease. We need your commitment to move towards these goals. By committing to becoming a member you will increase the thermometer on the right. We are also looking for extra donations to help increase the thermometer on the left. If you want to make a personal donation that is great. If you know of companies who might want to sponsor us or government grants that is even better.

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