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Ask each maker what defines their makerspace and you’ll get a different answer. Makerspace is a brand, scene, community and physical space. A “Makerspace” is defined by Maker Media as a “community of people who have a passion for making things, and who want to share that with others by making with others” in a collaborative environment. Collectively, we define ourselves as a society, because a large part of this culture is about bridge building between groups.

Why should you consider joining a makerspace?

Halifax Makerspace is currently without a physical space but we have plans coming together to get back into a space. Signup below to our mailing list for news, join our Google Group to engage in discussion, or come hang out with the community at one of our upcoming social nights listed on the calendar.

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We are currently between spaces. Signup for the mailing iist to get updates on when we get into a new space.