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Get excited and make things!


What is a Makerspace?”

Many of us don’t have multiple workshops populated with all kinds of tools. A Makerspace gives you that. Plus you get access to community of like-minded people that love to make stuff. Your project could be as simple as an LED name tag or as complex as a larger-than-life art installation. This is the place to learn how and get it done.

It’s kind of like a gym for your brain.

We are a member-driven non-profit society. We exist only through your support. There are no observers … everyone chips in. When the space needs new shelves or tables built, the members do it. Got an idea for a cool class to teach? Go ahead!

We’re located at 275 Rocky Lake Drive (Unit 19) in a warehouse unit. Just the right setting to make noise and a mess.

Our space has a dedicated woodworking shop, an electronics/classroom area and a “smelly room” for our laser cutter, 3D printer, spray booth, sewing, etc. Or just to hang out and talk with other Makers about “the next big thing!” and see what they’re working on.

“Cool! How do I get involved?”

“I have questions!”

Email us at info@halifaxmakerspace.org and we’ll get back to you asap.

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Tour of the CCGS Cape Roger (including workshop)

Tour of the CCGS Cape Roger (including workshop)

At the last Makers’ Social Night, we were invited to tour the CCGS Cape Roger by its chief engineer, Gerry McDonald.  Luckily, we were able to arrange a time before it left port.  We made our way to the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, under the MacKay Bridge, on a rainy, foggy Halifax night.  Gerry met our […]

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Space Hopper by Reilly, Franz and Sanches

Space Hopper by Reilly, Franz and Sanches

Derek Reilly (reilly@cs.dal.ca) is a professor at Dalhousie in the Computer Science Department. He is one of the professors at the Graphics and Media Lab. Juliano Franz (juliano.franz@dal.ca) is a PhD Student under Derek’s supervision. His background is in Engineering and he loves hardware prototyping. Vinicius Sanches was a visiting undergraduate student from Brazil. He is currently in […]

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Making Ornaments with the Central Library

Making Ornaments with the Central Library

On December 10 we were invited by the Central Library to present a craft for a special all-ages Crafting with Tech session.  We had planned on offering a craft involving soldering, but found out with a few days to go that the smoke alarms are too sensitive.  We had an emergency meeting and re-vamped the craft […]

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Membership types

All new members are subject to an initial signup fee equal to one month of dues.

Core Member – $50/month; 24/7 access to the space; voting rights

Associate – $25/month; access during open sessions (minimum of two 4-hour blocks per week, times to be determined); no voting rights

Payment options.

We are willing to accept almost any form of payment but we do have preferences if you want to make our work easier and reduce the fees we pay on transactions.

Yearly payment

Pay for a year up-front and get one month free. First year is $600 for Core, $300 for Associate; includes initial signup fee. Subsequent yearly dues will be $550 for Core and $275 for Associate.

Payment methods in order of preference for yearly:

Monthly payments

If you would like to just pay monthly then the easiest thing for us is a recurring subscription via Paypal.

Core member

$100 first month; $50 recurring


$50 first month; $25 recurring


Other monthly payment methods include:

If you have any questions about dues please email the Treasurer or speak to any of the directors in person at the Makerspace.


Thank you! I have received your message.




Contact Info


Unit #19, 275 Rocky Lake Drive, Bedford, NS (Open House - Tuesdays 6-10pm)