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Ask each maker what defines their makerspace and you’ll get a different answer. Makerspace is a brand, scene, community and physical space. A “Makerspace” is defined by Maker Media as a “community of people who have a passion for making things, and who want to share that with others by making with others” in a collaborative environment. Collectively, we define ourselves as a society, because a large part of this culture is about bridge building between groups.

Why should you consider joining a makerspace?

  • – Hangout with a fun, geeky community of people who like making things.
  • – Learn new skills
  • – Share your skills by teaching others
  • – Share access to expensive, specialized equipment (ie. laser cutter, 3d printer, cnc router, etc)
  • – Work on large, collaborative projects (ie. Nocturne art projects, pinball machine)

Halifax Makerspace is currently without a physical space but we will be hosting a town hall meeting in late November to talk about our next steps as a makerspace and figure out some possible options for a new space. Signup to our mailing list below to keep updated.

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We are currently between spaces. Signup for the mailing iist to get updates on when we get into a new space.