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Raised $400 towards the $5,000 target.
Raised 7 towards the 25 target.

Halifax Makerspace is working towards finding a new home! Back at our Annual General Meeting we set some targets that we need to reach to get us into a space that suits our needs. The targets on this page will allow us to get into a space big enough and with the requirements we need to make the things we want. Big projects, small projects, messy projects, clean projects, projects you can finish in a night, projects that a team works on for over a year. Once these targets are hit we will be ready to sign a lease. We need your commitment to move towards these goals. By committing to becoming a member you will increase the thermometer on the right. We are also looking for extra donations to help increase the thermometer on the left. If you want to make a personal donation that is great. If you know of companies who might want to sponsor us or government grants that is even better.

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Clean Foundation’s Fix It Fair

On October 19, Halifax Makerspace was invited to participate in Clean Foundation‘s Fix It Fair at the Central Library.  The goal of the event was to divert items from landfills by reusing or fixing them. A variety of artists, fixers, and makers fixed, or advised people how to fix, a variety of items: clothing, sewing machines, lamps, […]

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Casket Cart by Allan Carver

Casket Cart by Allan Carver

Allan Carver (twitter.com/ahcarver, underdogideas.com) is a maker of many disciplines, from fine furniture to go carts to electronically controlled dinosaurs.  He has a background in marketing and advertising, and is based in Hubbards, Nova Scotia. What is the casket cart? The Casket Cart is an electric-motorized casket (yes, a coffin) driven by the one and […]

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Halifax Makes

We’re happy to announce that the Halifax Makerspace blog is coming back out of hiatus.  As part of the relaunch, we are starting a series called Halifax Makes, where we’ll feature projects from local makers (with “Halifax” and “local” being defined rather liberally).   The Halifax area has a plethora of talented local makers working in far-flung fields but it’s […]

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