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Ask each maker what defines their makerspace and you’ll get a different answer. Makerspace is a brand, scene, community and physical space. A “Makerspace” is defined by Maker Media as a “community of people who have a passion for making things, and who want to share that with others by making with others” in a collaborative environment. Collectively, we define ourselves as a society, because a large part of this culture is about bridge building between groups. Physically we’re defined as a play space at the Institute of Applied Creativity (IAC) at NSCAD, down by Seaport market in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

At times, we’ve been perceived as more of a “hackerspace” and it’s true that many maker projects do involve “hacking” software and hardware. Housed at NSCAD’s IAC, we’re also seen by some as an art / design space, but we really are truly interdisciplinary. We simply welcome makers in all mediums and stress that this is a place to explore crafts, so don’t worry about labels and levels!

If you’re still not quite sure what we’re all about, why not pop down to one of our public nights and we’ll happily show you around the space and demo a few projects.

In short … welcome.

Adam, Peter, Rob, Chris, Daniel and Rachel



What defines a “makerspace”? What defines a makerspace in Halifax?

“A space to let creative and curious people connect * A space to foster the sharing of ideas, skills, and equipment, and encourages collaboration * A space for people to work – especially for those (like me) who find working in their apartments impractical at best * A space that has no technical barrier of entry – We […]

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Celebrating Arduino Day in Halifax

Note: if you are able to participate, please add your details to our survey  http://survs.com/survey/tv8nlhbedu  Arduino…. “an open-source, electronics prototyping platform” (Basically a way of creating interactive objects and environments through code and electronics. A way of creating intelligence for the physical world  - think Internet of Things.) …. is having a birthday. On the […]

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